BINEROMANIA is a brain puzzle similar to Sudoku but with simpler rules.

The complexity of a game depends on the level of difficulty (Easy to Expert) and the size of the grid (Small to Extra Large).

And consequently, anyone can rapidly entertain playing, make progress but will still find it difficult to master.


BINEROMANIA includes a number of features that makes it even nicer and more addictive to play.

Especially, it enables the player to share his best score with his friends on Social Network or to compete with the rest of the community on the various leader boards.

The player can also change the layout of the game by choosing another theme from the ones available.


Two final advices

1 – Don’t make guess, everything is totally logical

2- Beware, it can be very addictive


Additional screen captures can be found on the following page.

Enjoy your time and don’t forget to leave us a comment and a rating on the marketplace you used to download the game.